Short cruise to Cote d’Azur

My amazing fashionistas!

Once in a while there is necessary to cruise away from reality and live the moments of imaginary joy. Because when you visualize your goals and things you want to live you actually live it trough your emotions. Not convinced about that theory? OK, close your eyes and imagine to be on on the most beautiful place on the world near the person you love the most. How do you feel?

This is what I do with my outfits I create for this blog. I imagine a story, fairy-tale, a trip, an event, a romance and I’m ready to departure. Are you ready for a short cruise to French riviera with me? This outfit, with those dark & light blue shades, with those textures and its vibe is totally reminding me about beautiful coast of Cannes, Nice all to the Monte – Carlo. Ahhh dreamy Monte – Carlo, I have only pleasant emotions about that place.

I’m wearing total Falconeri outfit made in collaboration with Falconeri Bolzano Store. I choose all blue everything to fight against summer blues. This beautiful pleated skirt you already saw in different shades in my previous posts now I wear in soft blue enriched with lamè fabric. Up I wear silk camisole with rib-knit cotton inserts on the neckline and arm holes in lighter shade. Feeling is like wearing nothing at all. Sophisticated & comfortable.

For a dash of french riviera charm  I wear a classic straw panama hat in natural shade with black stripe, matched with blue linen & cotton fabric stole. Timeless, elegant and so feminine.

Coccinelle croco print bag in genuine leather perfect for urban daywear, casual and chic for touch of modernity. Trendy bag is a perfect way to balance timeless outfit and add a energy of metropolitan chic. Just like this trendy blue lens Fendi sunglasses. Same effect with different accessories.

Sometimes is OK to pass all month of August at home ;-), I mean it can be hard but it cant stop you of dreaming. You can stay positive and live positive emotions even then when you don’t exactly live what you want. Its easy to be happy when you can travel and experience new places every day but the real genuine happiness is to find your joy in everyday routine. Real joy is the one we live every day no matter where.

Wish you a stunning evening. Enjoy that fancy dinner, homemade sandwich or glass of wine like the most extraordinary one.


Outfit details;

Outfit –  Falconeri Bolzano
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Sunglasses – Fendi
Hat – Zara
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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