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My amazing fashionistas!

Spring finally arrived. Weather in Bolzano is absolutely stunning. Today I made my first long walk near the mountains. It’s time to be active and work on the shape again. I become so lazy lately, doing naps I never did before. Do you think I’m maybe getting old ;-)?

I’m just kidding, I really believe we are not getting old, we just constantly change & become more mature and conscious. This is why I have to take a nap often, it’s just too much for me ;-).

Spring is time when everything is awakening, it’s time to woke up from long winter lethargy. This time for me is rough. I’m constantly fighting with that Marija who easily gives up. My inner demon which made me escape too many times away from my responsibilities. But even worse it made me escape from chasing and hustling for my dreams. I actually never fight against that, until now. Now I now that I can change, I know I have to change for my own good, I have to hustle to be the best version of myself to myself.

I don’t accept excuses like “I’m doing it wrong but this is the way I am and you have to accept me like this” anymore. World is constantly changing, our body changes, then why we couldn’t change our character, attitude, state of mind? I see it as a lain excuse to remain in our comfort zone, and firstly I criticize myself, I used to live that way.

Now, lets back to my very favorite theme, my styling ;-)! This outfit is absolutely fabulous and I know, I know for sure you gonna adore it. All that sequins matched with fuchsia shades are totally wining combo. Easiest way to be chic, glamorous, joyful and notable. Absolute star of the street-style.

Multicolored sequin blazer on a simple white T-shirt matched with super comfortable fuchsia trousers with elastic waist.  Perfect spring combo, but why keep it too simple? Pink stirrup tights under the pants and plastic detail on the heels were enough to make ti different and original. I absolutely adore transparent detail  on  the sandals. Make your legs look long and gracious.

Make up in pink shades with soft luminous cheeks was perfect for this outfit. Just Zilionyte from MAC Store Bolzano used Boom Boom Bloom spring collection to create that fresh but romantic make up look. I’m totally crazy over these soft pink shades.

I love that dash of glamour that gold ads to my looks so I matched gold plated earrings with gold sunglasses.

Hope you love my style ideas for this spring. Can’t wait to hear your impressions! Do you love to wear pink shades or you think it’s too much? Tag me in your outfits!

Wish you a stunning day.

Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Bag & bracelet – Coccinelle Bolzano Store
Shoes – Zara
Make up – Juste Zilionyte
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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