Soft Metallic Glow

My dear Fashionistas!

Yes, Fashionistas with capital F letter! How are you doing this days? Summer vacation started yet or you are waiting for August? I thing they would close me to the madhouse in case I have to wait until August for vacation. I’m in complete stress overload. Luckily, tomorrow I’m on board, on my way to my favourite island.

I’m completely crazy about this outfit. If my comfort zone could wear an outfit it would be this one. Yes, this is me, when I want to be relaxed, take a walk around shops and obviously, be fabulous ;-).

Being casual doesn’t have to be boring, being casual is just being relaxed and comfortable but equally fashionable & unique. Maybe you won’t be casual on my way but I’m pretty sure you can be casual on your very own way. Authentic. Your every day outfit defines you, you are wearing it most time of the week.

I’m wearing simple cotton T-shirt in green nuance enriched with ethno style drape necklace in multicolour. I’m wearing it with amazing silk long skirt with subtly flower design. So classy. This skirt is more than fabulous, it’s genius! Its a perfect voluminous skirt but in summer edition, easy and flattering. You can actually regulate the volume on this skirt by changing position of fabric on the waist, it can be lateral or back positioned. This is why I adore Italian high street brand Vicolo, they make really beautiful and innovative clothes design.

Skirt is matching perfectly metallic dark gold eco leather jacket. Metallic details on the skirt and colour of the jacket are perfect together. One elevates the other. Symbiosis, in fashion sense ;-).

Since the whole outfit has a bit dusty note I opted for bright coloured accessories. Small cross-body bag in yellow chamois leather & long gold chain from Italian brand Cinti is a perfect summer bag. Combinations with this bag are really endless.

What about yellow fluffy feather sliders? You can’t be indifferent about this trend. Or you hate it, or you hate it ;-)! Just kidding, some of us adore it! Mostly, reaction of people is hilarious. Luckily, I have enough of self esteem to don’t care. I mean I really understand that others can’t  understand what is beautiful  in this sliders but is it really important that others approve every single trend you like? You have to approve it for yourself. So what if they laugh at you? It’s so positive! I mean, You just made their day!

I adore how this make up elevates whole look on upper level. Soft ombré lips and highlighted cheeks are my wining combo. Androgenic but kind a sensual, right?

How do you like my version of casual? Hope you love it and I hope I inspired you for something even better! Tag me on your outfits on Instagram (fashionista_facts), I would love to see your ideas!

Wish You a beautiful day, week, vacation, summer, have fun wherever you pass your days. Until we have warm & sunny days, flapjacks and tasty cocktails in our hand life is beautiful!


Outfit details;

T-shirt & Skirt – Blocco 88, Bolzano
Jacket – Zara
Sliders – Zara SIMILAR
Bag – Cinti SIMILAR

Make up by Juste Zilionyte & MAC Store Bolzano

Photos by Roberto Rotulo


With love & gratitude,

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