Sporty Spice

Dear Fashionistas!

This is my second outfit in line which is bringing me totally out of my comfort zone. If you follow my blog (thank you for that) you surely notice it.

Why I’m doing this? My idea of fashion is that it should be fun. It should be joyful, interesting, charismatic, surprising and most important it should be guided by our inner feeling. If you start to feel thrilled, that’s the right…outfit of course ;-).

Change is a crucial part of our lives. We can’t be the same forever, we constantly pass throw different phases of our lifes. For me this is a moment where I decided to change my “perfect beauty” look with my own. Beauty that reflects all unpredictability of my soul. I used to be a perfectionist. Skin had to be lightly bronzed, hair long an voluminous, never tied or messy, teeth straight & white, outfit always on top, high heels as a law, I mean I was ridiculously putting a huge pressure on me. Obsessed with my appearance.

Suddenly, life decided to teach me to love myself with all my imperfections. Life gave me a vitiligo. For those who don’t know it’s a autoimmune disease. My immune system is killing the melanin cells in my skin and as a result I’m loosing my skin tone. It creates white spots on my body. 

When I first realized I got it I was desperate. I knew there is no cure for it. There are just endless possibilities to minimize it but a real cure I still didn’t found. My desperation opened my eyes.  I knew I had to change myself. Change the way I lived tough moments. It was a long and exhausting process. Now I see my vitiligo as a blessing. Incredibly but I really do. I will continue to cure it and do my best to find a way to heel but I started to love myself with all my white spots. They are making me feel special. They make me feel me. Perfect with all my “imperfections”. I asked myself; “Do you realize there are humans who would gave everything to have “only” your vitiligo?” Here I realized how lucky I actually am.

I know you are here to read about fashion, about some easy topics but I had to share this emotion with you. I felt I should write about it. Now, finally I will continue with details about my outfit ;-).

I’m sure if Victoria Beckham was a Sporty Spice in Spice Girls she would choose outfit I wear today. It’s a strong fusion of black & white, fusion of casual & chic. I obviously had to add a touch of shine, a pinch of glam in this outfit. Glam is a state of mind, remember ;-)?

I’m wearing a sport-wear co/ord in black with white letters. Soft, comfortable, high quality made in Italy. Simple easy wear but still interesting and cool appearance. I wear it with water repellent black jacket with feminine cut. Collarless & oversize this jacket is a truly outfit saver during the short and unpredictable spring rainfalls.   

This season rain-jackets are a total must have. Actually they really look adorable, I’m a real fan. Do you like them?

For a dose of extravagancy I wear fishnets socks under the trousers and bicolour pointed leather mules. You maybe noticed I’m going crazy for these shoes. They are kinda my soulmate shoes ;-).

Rigid white handbag I found perfect for this outfit. For the last touch or last glam essentials I add oversize crystal statement ring & cat-eyes sunnies with crystal corners. I needed to put some light on this gloominess.

Is this the first time I tied my hair up for a shooting?!

Thank You for being with me 🖤


Outfit details;

Co/ord set – Blocco 88, Bolzano
Jacket – Blocco 88, Bolzano
Mules & Bag – Zara
Sunglasses – Fendi

Photos byRoberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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