Spring 2021 styles you will adore

My amazing fashion souls!

I decided to  share with you my favorite Spring 2021 styles, I mean one of my favorite because there are so many fabulous trends now to wear. Maybe because for the entire year and specially for the past few months we wore mostly  loungewear and comfortable clothes. Are you ready to switch your style?

Jeans jacket on trendy colors is a must have for spring, but this spring jeans jacket is cropped and destroyed and it looks so cool. You should go for crop length because it makes you look taller and your waist will look thinner. Lilac looks gorgeous with jeans and its so trendy. Chan belt or multiple necklace are never too much with jeans.

Fuchsia suit for the “wow” effect. There is no doubt that fuchsia is my favorite color. I would wear fuchsia on fuchsia everywhere. If you take a look on my wish list on Asos there is 80% of the clothes and accessories in this shade. Fuchsia will give you life. Fuchsia suit with basics like white T-shirt is perfect for work or office and if you match it with statement necklace, high heels or mini bag will transform you in fashion queen ready to conquer the world. I’m so dramatic I know ;-)!

Wanna talk about eco leather joggers in cognac shade? I just love them because in the same time I look trendy, sexy, casual and I could wear it on everything. From classy white shirt to trendy floral pattern or embroidery jacket.  Those looks great on trendy sneakers or heels. Don’t wear heels higher that 8 cm, give yourself some time to get use to ;-)!

Colorblock is still rocking. If you want to distinguish color-block is the perfect style inspiration for you. Color block revolves around a palette of two or more colors, usually in bold and bright shades. It doesn’t matter if you choose a classy blazer, suit or a sportwear when in colorblock you will definitely look super chic. Elevate it with statement jewelry or interesting bag in similar shades. I match blue & white, it looks so easy and simple but powerful.

Lilac & white is one of my favorite outfit match this spring. You already notice how much I love to wear chunky sole boots in bright white, its one of the must have of the season. I’m kind a happy when I can wear something super cool yet very comfortable. Finally after all these years they were killing us with 12 cm Louboutin’s or super pointed Jimmy Choo. Lilac looks so fashionable with tie dye trend that made a huge comeback in 2020. Wear your favorite skirt on a tie dye crop hoodie and you will look youthful, in case of doubt add a large chamois belt and there is no risk you will look as a teenager.

High rise wide crop jeans are my choice this year. I’m pretty over of skinny jeans and I look for something feminine and different. Those looks so fashion on a pointed heels. Match it with Dior inspired tote bag with rich embroidery and a crop jacket to accentuate the waist. Its important to create the silhouette and you just can’t go wrong. What about you? What’s your favorite type/model of jeans?

Touch of sparkle is something you really need. I don’t talk about any particularly trend, I mean more about your state of mind. You need to program yourself to sparkle. Last outfit is all about making yourself a beautiful, self confident and courageous woman who is not afraid to go out and steel the attention. Start with a crystal bobbi pin in your hair or a sparkling detail on your shoes. Actually I challenge you to wear at least one sparkling detail every day for entire month! It will boost your self-confidence? I still don’t know it but you will definitely have fun looking for your sparkling moment every morning. Enough to me.

Thank for your attention fashionistas, hope you liked my post and definitely feel free to share your sparkle moment with me. Tag me in your stories or leave a comment.

Wish you a stunning  weekend.

Stay safe, stay fashion!


Photos – Roberto Rotulo
Hairstyle – Studio 13 Di Andrea Baron

With love & gratitude,

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