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Hello my fashion souls!

November is starting to be very rough, with temperatures around zero. Luckily, Bolzano is always bright and sunny. It doesn’t matter if its cold, this few hours  I can enjoy the sun are priceless. Sun is heeling me from bad mood, anger and fears.

Lately I read one amazing book about how sunlight can actually heel from depression and many other different disease. Pass at least half an hour daily on sunlight without sunglasses (put that giant Chloè away ;-)) and trust me you will start to feel positive effects :-).

I really adore capes. So when I found this amazing cape coat I was so enthusiast. Capes are amazing. Gives that touch of mysterious to your look. Its up to you to transform it to the mysterious glam :-). This stylish cape coat in black check pattern is really hot stuff this season. Strangely I caught it on last year sale. I love to think I’m able to recognize future trends ;-). You are rolling your eyes now I know ;-). Just let me live in my credentials..

I played with western details on belt and shoes. This boots were such a must have last season. If you remember, almost every serious fashionista had that famous Chloè western style boots. I chose black leather western style boots from Italian leather goods brand Cinti. A way more convenient than Chloè but still amazing quality.

Under the coat I’m wearing very feminine and classy black dress with lace details on bottom and ruffle lace sleeves. Ruffle sleeves are perfect to wear with capes because it looks very chic and grace when you lift your arms. Just look a photo below :-).

I love how this baker hat matches my coat. Its a romantic detail strong enough to transform all outfit. Hope you noticed how lipstick is matching a flower on the hat ;-). You will see me rarely without hat, turban or headband. I’m kind a obsessed with headpieces.

This Calzedonia diamond-hatch design tights are definitely my favourite this season. Simplicity and elegance. I have a question for you, did you ever bought just one piece of tights in Calzedonia? I just want to understand if I’m only one struggling with this issue ;-).

This outfit reminds me about fact how its all about finding a balance between trends and your personal style. This makes you unique 🖤.

So today is a famous Black Friday! I have to be honest with you, I’m not so enthusiast about it. I mean 20/30% off I don’t even consider as a real sale affair ;-). But every reason is a good reason to shop ;-).

Have a great shopping!

Outfit detalis

Coat – Zara
Dress – Chic&Pop SIMILAR
Belt – Zara HERE
Bag – Tosca Blu
Shoes – Cinti SIMILAR
Hat – Sheinside SIMILAR
Tights – Calzedonia HERE

With love & gratitude,

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