Striped Power Dressing

My fabulous fashionistas!

Can You believe that we are already in June!? In less then a month I’m finally on my summer vacay. I’m curios, where are you going this year? I decide to spend some tome on my favourite Costa Adeje, Tenerife. My happy place. I would move there tomorrow, but I’m a dreamer, my husband is realistic instead ;-).

If I really adore something than this is a power dressing. I’m not sure what’s the right definition of it, but a perfect example is the outfit I’m wearing today. Striped suit in black & white with red accent.

Power dressing represents a independent, authentic, strong woman’s who’s not  afraid to be what she is. Even if the way she is, is in complete opposite direction of what society approves. I come from the place where since I was I little girl society defined the way a girl/woman should be. This is maybe the main reason why I developed this strong personal protest against society standards of what a real woman is supposed to be. Maybe cause these standards are mostly established by men.

I’m wearing striped co/ord suit in silk touch fabric. Fluid and soft. This amazing suit I found in Blocco 88 Store, by Italian high-street brand Vicolo Official. High quality clothing made in Italy. What else? Oh, I almost forget to mention, it will make you look taller and skinnier. Vertical stripes are magic for your figure.

I just couldn’t miss this T-shirt.   Simple T-shirt with a very strong message. Do not doubt about the fire you feel inside. Trust me this fire is your super power. Don’t even try to ignore it, it would be like ignoring yourself.

Long red coral necklace it’s actually only piece of  jewel I needed in this outfit. Sometimes you get what it means when they say less is more. When wearing something dramatic like stripe suit you definitely have to go for simple, minimal accessories.

Simple white clutch bag with red closure I found perfect to wear with this outfit. Simple satin pointed boots are matching perfectly fabric and colour of the suit. Uncomplicated accessorial is a winning combo.

Slim Cat-eye sunglasses are a pretty hot stuff this season. Actually I adored that trend immediately. Gives that retro chic vibe to outfits. I got mine at Zara for maybe around 15 €, it seem exaggerated to spend over 200 € that I usually spend for a sunglasses for a one season trend. I’m actually thinking of getting another pair in brown nuance.

Really hope you love the way I styled stripe suit. Even if the stripes are really popular I noticed it wasn’t easy to found  coordinated suit in this pattern. Would You wear something like this?

Wish You an amazing June fashionistas, I’m so thrilled cause summer is just around the corner. Who is ready for summer breeze, warm days, tanned skin, colourful dresses & aperitivo on open. Yes, please!

Outfit details;

Suit – Blocco 88, Bolzano
T-shirt – Blocco 88, Bolzano
Bag – Pollini
Boots -Cinti/ Similar
Sunglasses – Zara

Photos by Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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