SUITED or how to find&style a trendy suit

Hello fashionistas!

Suits are huge deal this year and I’m about to show how to style it without risk to look too formal or boring. Yes, you can keep your fashionista attitude but still look like a serious business woman. Ready to explore my game changer tips?

Checked pattern is absolutely my favorite suit pattern. Looks kind a nerdy but its so easy to make it look incredibly chic. Match it with french hat and big glasses and you will have that super cute nerd look. Go for classy satin shirt and you will look classy and elegant.

Depends all about the circumstances you are surrounded with. You can wear it with cozy fur loafers if you can permit yourself kind of leisure look, in case you have to keep it more formal go for classy stilettos or court heels.

Accessories are fundamental to keep checked suit feminine. Crystal rigid bracelets or several trendy rings in different sizes can be a interesting option.

I really loved this dark viola set with tailored gilet and high waist large ankle trousers. Its looks so classy, a real uptown girl vibe suit. I wear it with stylish tweed jacket in similar shades. I would definitely suggest you to match it with pointed heels to make your silhouette proportional.

I choose this unique piton print letter bag in shiny silver upper & contrast viola lining. When wearing so important piece try to avoid other important accessorial or at least keep it minimal.

Coordinated gilet and blazer are such a evergreen. Its a winning combination for the most of your office/daily activities. You can make it unique by matching a stylish brooche. Brooches are perfect way to elevate a classic clothing pieces. You can put and take it off really simply. I just adore this oversize rose brooche. You can find it all over online shops for a few euros and make your look authentic without spending a fortune.

You can wear this type of co/ords on jeans, high waist trousers, satin joggers or full length leather trousers. Choose what makes you feel more comfortable.

Most wanted shoe of the year is definitely a crystal decorate pointed heels. Perfect 6-8 cm heel comfy enough for a day and irresistible decorative crystals are the main reason why we love this trendy piece. You can find them in large price spectrum from 30 euros to designers pieces worth few hundreds euro. I will tag some high-street option in the link under.

No matter which kind of suit you choose until it matches your personality. It has to make you feel confident and comfortable. Choose the accessories that suits you best and make it look unique.

Wish you a stunning weekend.


Outfit details;

Outfits – Blocco 88
Shoes – ZaraStradivariusAsos
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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