A touch of red & a lot of joy for 2021

My amazing souls!

This extremely strange, difficult and completely unexpected year is counting its final hours. A lot of us lost their loving ones, a lot of us lost their jobs and incomes, covid emergency completely changed our reality. Emotions are confused now because we are used to celebrate end of the year but this time seems like there is nothing we should celebrate for.

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Classy with rock elements

My amazing fashion souls!

There is so much negative things happening around us but if you agree lets totally ignore it and concentrate on what makes us happy and relaxed!? Are you with me? I know its difficult but worrying and stressing had never resolved a thing. I choose to be careful but not to freak out, I choose to be responsible but not to overthink. I can’t calm the storm of negative events around me but I can calm myself.

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Velvet bronze

My fashion souls!

I may seem calm but I’m in the middle of the real spring storm! You know one of those where one moment you are walking relaxed on the street kissed by the sun and than suddenly comes the giant gray cloud and you are completely wet and cold in nearly less than a minute? Just a regular post quarantine stress or my Hashimoto plays rough?

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Milk & Honey

My fabulous fashionistas!

I’m dying to hear how did you pass your New Years Eve, how did you celebrate? Most if all I want to know what did you wear ;-)? I passed a wonderful night in Milano. Even for just a day or two this city is bringing me up. Walking trough Via Monte Napoleone to the Duomo Square and finally Vittorio Emanuele Gallery with majestic Swarowski Christmas tree. Dashing, fabulous & impressive.  Milano is just the coolest ;-)! 

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