Velvet bronze

My fashion souls!

I may seem calm but I’m in the middle of the real spring storm! You know one of those where one moment you are walking relaxed on the street kissed by the sun and than suddenly comes the giant gray cloud and you are completely wet and cold in nearly less than a minute? Just a regular post quarantine stress or my Hashimoto plays rough?

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Basics on fire

Hey fashion souls!

This October is so generous with Bolzano. Its keep giving us so many beautiful, sunny days and pleasant temperatures.

You can still wear just an easy blazer instead of jackets and coats. I’m so happy about it because transition is more smoothly from the summer season. You all know that shocking moment when in just few days you have to pass from thongs shoes to the boots 🙈.

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Yellow on point

Hello fashion souls!

How to wear yellow? Yellow, the colour of sunshine,happiness, warm, pure positivity! I personally love to combine yellow with black. Its powerful fusion. You just won’t pass unnoticed. You will seem fresh, joyful and full of energy.

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