The loungewear trend (you can wear outside too)

My fashion souls!

This year was the year of the loungewear. Every highstreet & luxury brand offered various pieces of this beautiful, cozy sets perfect for the era of smart working. I will show you how I wear my favorite loungewear set outside. One of my favorite cozy sets precisely ;-)!

Loungewear is a huge trend for so called “Netflix & Chill” generation. Well, I would say that this year we were practically obligated to chill more than usual, stay home and avoid events, travels or parties, a lot of us pass to smart working mode and it’s logical that we looked for something comfortable, easy and trendy to wear in our “new reality”. Let me just say I hope its only “temporary reality”. However loungewear trend is really amazing and I already got several sets (will be on the Instagram stories soon). If you ask me its gonna be a long and creepy winter ;-), but we will be ready!

I wear a two piece set made from premium cotton fabric in natural ivory/beige nuance. This set has a rich texture what makes it suitable for outside. I love to wear this trend with a minimalism note. Simplicity is the key word, right after relaxed ;-)! I wear it on a long & oversize white poplin cotton shirt, its evergreen but perfect when you need to transform your loungewear for more formal surrounding. No matter is it a regular day at office or just a quick café break with your bestie. White shirt is a win. Add a long scarf for some extra texture, perfect to complete layered dressing. Here you can play with nuances or not, I went for soft nude shade rich in texture.

This outfit will be perfect with your favorite sneakers or better with your favorite chunky trainers, but if you want to wear it to the office I suggest you to consider slim boots with super trendy square toe shape. I love how these boots match relaxed fit trousers. Do you like this new boot trend?

Instead of statement necklace I choose velvet headband embroidered with pearls. This or similar padded headbands you can buy now on Asos for about few euros, its insane how cheap these are right now, so if you love to play with hair accessories take a look on the site. I will tag you some of these pieces under.

Pouch bag gives a touch of elegance to this outfit, but I would definitely see it with a trendy fur bag or with a lack shopper bag? What do you think about it? Pouch is probably not the most ideal bag for the work so I would consider the large vinyl or a lack bag as a cool option.

So my fashionistas! What do you think about loungewear trend? I really love this relaxed, easy sets because they are soft, comfortable, yet so trendy and chic. A lot of brands made really luxury loungewear pieces made from cashmere or merino wool, even the queen of reality shows one and only Kim Kardashian made a beautiful collection under her SKIMS brand. Take a look and let me know what you think.

P.S. I want your pics of wearing your favorite loungewear, tag me in your stories and will be happy to share it with my fashion community.


Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88
Bag – Primark (ASOS)
Boots – ZARA
Headband – ASOS
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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