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My dear fashionistas!

It’s been a long month. Partly because I can’t wait to go on vacay (but that doesn’t surprise you), partly because I made 28 days only fruit & veggies body detox from Medical MediumYes baby, for last 28 days I ate only fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s a surprise ;-)!!!

I had a really tough period. I felt so tired and depressed, I gained weight and I desperately tried to start a diet every single day. Every single day I finished with eating junk food like sweets or chips. You have no idea how frustrated I was because of that. I completely lost every self control of my behavior and I let my cravings to control me. One day I was online looking to order  another dietary supplement when I suddenly decided to finally order Medical Medium & Life Changing Foods from Anthony William, I just felt that this time  I need to change my mind set and to achieve that I had to change my beliefs.

Change your beliefs is a hard work especially if you have difficulties to admit yourself and others that you were wrong. How many times did you actually sincerely admit you were wrong? Admit ok but sincerely? Rarely!

I was wrong about a lot of issues in my life! Better not to start counting all of them because I could write a novel on that theme ;-). I’ve been definitely neglecting my health and my body. The fact I was strong enough to conclude this detox is a huge thing for me. I finally took control over my nutrition and I prove to myself that I can live without cafe, sweetener, refined sugars & alcohol. I’m convinced that a plant based nutrition rich with fruits & veggies is the best thing I can do for myself. If you are struggling something similar in your life or you can relate with my never ending weight problems maybe you should consider to read Medical Medium. This is an advice I give you as a friend not as a blogger. Maybe in your case it won’t have life changing effects but it will definitely make you feel grateful to your body.

Now let’s back to this marvelous outfit. Green on green on green ;-). I wear yellow lime shirt in pure silk on a olive green skirt also in pure silk with elastic waist. Wearing this soft and light silk is a privilege. It’s absolutely the best fabric you can wear on extremely warm days like this. Obviously the bag could be only in green but in little bit stronger shade, in army green. Crossbody bag in soft italian leather perfect for summer and wearable with infinite styles.

Accessories I choose are trendy & sober. Earrings made from wood and multi-color fabrics to underline bronzed skin.  For a touch of glam I add some gold shine. Leather bracelet with golden closure, perfect to match with green shades. I absolutely adore how gold heels elevate this outfit. Fashionable but calming and natural. Classy and elegant.

So are you ready for summer? My plans are to get bronze & made good deals on season sales who actually starts in few days. I will share with you my favorite sale pieces so don’t forget to check out my insta-stories.

Wish you a beautiful weekend!


Outfit details;

Outfit – Falconeri Bolzano
Bag & Bracelet – Coccinelle Bolzano
Heels – Guess
Location – Thaler Bozen
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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