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I would like to write about the moment when I made the photos for this post. I think it was just regular Wednesday morning, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.  

I always tend to make photos early in the morning, as I live in the most busiest street of Bolzano only way to make good street fashion photos is when its not too much people or vehicles around. You know that moment when you realize that you take all for granted? Small, irrelevant things like movement on the streets, possibility to go out and have a shooting for your blog? Now, in this moment when I write this post I’m closed in my apartment. Government ordered an obligatory quarantine for entire Italy. We still have no idea when the things will finally become better.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about being closed at home. I’m the first who respects and supports decisions like quarantine, if this will save lives I will do my part and I will stay at home, and you should do the same. I’m actually surprised about my behavior before all this happen. Last months I was just complaining so much. I was sick and tired of everything. I would close myself at home and wouldn’t go out because I didn’t want to see people because I had some issues with my self-esteem. I forget to be grateful for ordinary moments we all live in a day. Things like go to work, prepare a meal, chat with parents or friends, take out your dog, take a walk to the park with your child. Non of this made me feel happy or enthusiast. Now I would do everything to live this just ordinary life. How extraordinarily it actually is this normal ordinary life.

I invite you to reflect! Reflect about our lives, take this emergency as a lesson. Take this emergency as your personal restart. I try to take it this way. Concentrate your thoughts on what you have. You are home, you are safe, you are healthy and stable. You are blessed.

For this post I decided to show you this super cool tracksuit co-ord with printed letters all over. Sporty Spice baby. Easy wear but totally urban, and if you ask me looks expensive ;-)! If you click on a link under you will see its more than low cost! You will thank me later ;-)!

This bag in soft leather with printed removable strap is absolutely must have. You can wear it easy on a tracksuit but also on a elegant coat, dress or a suit. Gives a touch of originality. Touch of urban, young spirit. I can’t get enough of this bag.

Wearing a tracksuit on a satin heels its my way to make a tracksuit fashionable and contemporary. It would look great also on trendy big sneakers as on usual minimal sneakers.

So how do you like my interpretation of tracksuit trend? Would you wear it? Would you wear it on heel? Be honest with me ;-)!?

Hope you are following my new project on socials where I united my forces with two talented ladies to create a perfect outfit, beauty and nails combo. I even started to make my own outfit videos ;-)!

Take care of you!

Wish you a beautiful day.


Outfit details;

Outfit – ASOS
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Make up – Juste Zilionyte
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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