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I’m writing this post from my very favorite place, Costa Adeje, Tenerife. It’s early morning, I should probably relax and sleep, I’m on vacation. Honestly, I had such a rough period lately, I needed this escape from all reality surrounds me. If my body needs to go to Costa Adeje to recharge, my soul needs just to log in on fashionistafacts. I mean I just couldn’t  wait to share this amazing photos with you.

This time I’m styling the most romantic dress from Croatian brand Larie. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably noticed the strong connection I have with founder of Larie brand, Marina Matic. I know her all my life, but we started our friendship somewhere around high-school. Then Larie was just her idea, she talked about her dream to became fashion designer, but to create something different, not just everyday clothes, stunning dresses able to make feel every woman as a Goddess.

Here I am 10 years later, wearing this amazing and so authentic dress, from Summer/Spring 2018 Collection inspired by Crete. Larie today is one of the most popular Croatian fashion brand. Celebrity’s are going crazy for Marina’s design. She became fashion icon in our hometown Zagreb.

She could probably became conceited, affected by the show-business and the fame as most people would become, but not she. She become just a better person. Beside she makes amazing dresses able to make us feel as a modern goddess, she use her influence to help others. When I started my blog she was my great supporter but also a very honest critic. Probably this is the reason why our friendship survived my move to Italy. We had a honest support in each other. You can’t find it easy this days. No matter where you go, don’t ever lose connection with people who gets the best out of you.

I’m wearing this body flattering dress in bronze and black layers. Black lace delicately highlight the curves and make your moves feminine and sensual. Multicolour bronze layer is calling the superb beauty of Mycenaean civilization in the last phase of Bronze Age in Ancient Greece. There is a story and a true inspiration behind this dress. There is a stunning inspiration  behind every collection of Larie. Now you understand why I feel like a Goddess wearing this dress. It’s the vibration you get once you wear it.

I’m matching important piece of clothes with a minimal accessories. Simple leather pointed heels in black to underline all look with simplicity. Black letter bag with gold detail on closure made from premium leather by Italian leather goods brand Pollini is a timeless piece. Complements without stealing the attention of the dress.

This time my make-up artist Juste Zilionyte & MAC Cosmetics Bolzano created romantic summer look using warm tones and stunning blood orange nuance for lips. Soft or outstanding? I can’t decide, it’s a perfect balance of both. Skins is lightly tanned with several serious layers of highlighter ;-). I mean, you already know us, without MAC’s Hyper Real Glow Palette we don’t even go to the grocery store ;-).

Hope I helped you to wake up your inner goddess. Don’t let her sleep too much! Hope you love this styling and the story behind it. Have a wonderful July and don’t forget to share positive vibes wherever you go!


Outfit details;

Dress – Larie by Marina Matic
Bag – Pollini
Shoes – ASOS

Make up by – Juste Zilionyte & MAC Store Bolzano

Photos by – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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