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My fabulous fashionistas!

Hope You are doing well this days! Weather in Bolzano is tremendous. It’s raining almost every day last two weeks, I still keep the heating on in the apartment, my friends are wearing flapjacks :-), May is a bit capricious month. I felt so stressed and nervous this past weeks that I convinced myself I have some hormonal issue. Not just myself, I convinced everyone, my mum, my husband, my friends and my doctor also ;-). So we decided to control level of hormones with blood test. I got results few days ago, and I don’t have any hormonal disorder, I’m just crazy and a bit  hypochondriac ;-). No, I’m not proud of it at all ;-).

I’m so in love with today’s outfit! It’s also a bit kooky as me this days. It’s perfect fusion between urban, cosmopolitan but with a touch of a casual chic. Perfect for a ego-tripped Saturday city walk ;-).

This washed blue destroyed oversize jeans gilet in premium, soft denim fabrics handcrafted in Italy is absolutely amazing. It’s richly decorated with quality crystals and pearls on the upper pockets. It’s a piece of clothing you can wear with everything, it will upgrade every kind of outfit. So urban, so chic.

At first I wanted to wear it with simple black or white tones but I decided to play with completely different pattern and pastel nuances. Did I say that May is a capricious ;-)?

Long yellow shirt dress with plaid pattern decorated with discreet transparent sequins overall. Pretty unconventional and particular piece right? Remember my final winter sale affairs ? This is one of ultimate sale dresses I found in Madrid. Would you ever say it costs only few euros?

Colour block shoes and decorated fishnets match you already saw at my Ladylike Hoodie post. In this outfit has a completely different role, it’s just a balance between urban and almost grunge upper while in previous post was a leading detail for elevate hoodie and joggers.

This time my make-up artist Juste tried to create crystal blue light effect visage. Inspired by the shiny blue decoration on the gilet. How this crystals are really stunning she created light blue glossy lips perfectly synchronized with almost frozen effect of a highlighter on the cheeks. Together with the blue lens round sunglasses it creates almost galactic effect. I adore to experiment with unconventional styles and innovative make up ideas.

I really hope you appreciated something different this time, I can’t wait to hear your impressions!

Wish You a beautiful week, stay always 99 % positive and 1 % funny, crazy, eccentric, grumpy, hilarious…🖤


Outfit details;

Jeans Gilet – Blocco 88, Bolzano
Shirt Dress – Zara
Socks – Calzedonia
Shoes – Cinti
Bag – Guess
Sunglasses – Fendi

Make-up by Juste Zilionyte & MAC Store Bolzano

Photos by Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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