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I may seem calm but I’m in the middle of the real spring storm! You know one of those where one moment you are walking relaxed on the street kissed by the sun and than suddenly comes the giant gray cloud and you are completely wet and cold in nearly less than a minute? Just a regular post quarantine stress or my Hashimoto plays rough?

There is no better way of fighting your stress than dedicate your time for the things you truly love, to your passions. OK, I admit even a good relaxing massage can help, maybe an aperitif with your best friend, walk in the nature with your family, there is a lots of ways you can beat your stress but for me is crucial be alone with myself and dedicate myself to the blog, to writing, to creating & to reinventing myself constantly. How do you confront stress issues? Which technique do you prefer?

Let’s back to the fashion. I wear beautiful two layer satin dress in light bronze shade. Incredibly soft and light fabric with metallic gleam. Ruffled shoulders, pointed waist and mid length, all ingredients for romantic and feminine look! There is no better way to elevate romantic dress than with a gorgeous satin hairband in fuchsia shade. Lately I discovered amazing headwear brand Boho Headwear, founded by young and so talented headwear designer Špela Strašek from Slovenia. All headbands, turbans, hats are handmade and high quality pieces. I know you gonna adore all pieces I will wear from this brand. How do you like my fuchsia headband?

With dress like this I really love to add some extra accessories. Statement ring, earrings and bracelets, cateye sunnies, obviously look to keep it calm with similar shades, and don’t mix gold & silver. It would be just too much. Keep the warm shades.

Old Italian style rule says that you can’t go wrong if you match bag & shoes. I matched croco print crossbody bag in warm dark brown shade and same shade sandals in giraffe print. Both with golden closure. We go completely for warm golden shades this time.

My amazing fashionistas hope you enjoyed reading my fashion story. Let me know which kind of outfits would you like to see more on my blog, and please let me know how do you like my fashion videos I started to publish last months on my IG stories. Your feedback is really important.

Have an amazing week.

Sending you virtual hugs and kisses.


Outfit details;

Dress – Zara
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Headband – Boho Headwear
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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