Warm Midnight Blue

My stunning fashion souls!

Mornings are so cold this last days. December is showing his rough side. But you know me, there are absolutely no excuses to wear boring outfits. This time I have amazing idea about how to be fashion & classy but still very warm and cosy.

I teamed with notable Italian brand Falconeri specialized in production of superior knitwear and cashmere, precisely with Falconeri Bolzano Store. My neighbors in Via Museo street. I mentioned once, or several times that my home is in Bolzano main shopping street right? Piece of heaven for a thoroughbred fashionista like me ;-)!

What makes Falconeri so special? They produce accessible luxury garments using the most precious natural yarns and sophisticated fabrics like merino, cashmere & delicate silk. It’s a perfect fusion of minimal everyday style & classy and delicate garments. Comfortable, soft, cozy & premium quality you will feel at first touch.

I had an opportunity to wear one of their ultralight cashmere jumper during my last shooting, soft turtleneck jumper in light blue. I felt so warm. I mean I already knew that cashmere is the most luxurious fabric for winter essentials but I was really surprised that so delicate & light fabric can make me feel and make me stay so warm and comfy.

This outfits is a fusion of dark & light blue shades. All blue everything elevated with soft blue navy fur details & satin pointed boots. I wear Falconeri check wool coat with detachable fur details on the sleeves. Elegant and feminine in slim silhouette cut. It look so cozy & fashionable matched with wool fur stole.

I just adore how my Coccinelle Fauve bag matches the blue turtleneck jumper in ultralight cashmere. Fauve in medium size in roundish design is a perfect bag for daily outfits. Elegant and refreshing.

Blue navy stirrup pants on a multi-color satin high heel boots for a stylish city catwalk. I just can’t be too much comfy obviously ;-). I think I found me perfect personal balance between comfortable & fashionable in this outfit. Can’t wait to hear what you think about it. It was like going out of my comfort zone by choosing comfort ;-).

Hope you really enjoy your December’s joys. Our city looks so magic and this fairy Christmas spirit fills me with happiness & peace. Enjoy every moment. Admire Decembers vibe.  Feel the gratitude for this amazing moment.


Outfit details;

Coat, jumper & stole – Falconeri Bolzano
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano Store
Boots – Zara

Make up – Elisa Schiavon

Photos – Roberto Rotulo



With love & gratitude,

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