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Hello my dear fashionistas!

We are in the middle of January. There are sales everywhere. This is the period I buy 50% of my wardrobe, other half I buy in August on summer sale ;-). I just adore sales. I probably know every single price and discounts of my favourite around Bolzano and my usual online shops. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist as a profession but I’m convinced I would be amazing sales expert.

You know one of that person they call on TV Shows to hear their expert opinion. I would be there like;”Yeah, today is a right day to shop some earrings and hairbands because  this morning Zara increased discount percentage on all accessorial!” or “I recommend you to wait a bit with wool coats cause on few days there will be ulterior discount on winter essentials!”. I would define my “shopping on sale” skills  as a gift from Universe but I’m kinda sure you would probably think I’m a weirdo, so we will just pretend I never said that ;-).

Somewhere I read a phrase; “Never  underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day!”

These days, when the temperatures are around zero, its raining, snowing and we live in total lack of sun and lights, I needed an outfit which will bring some positive vibes on the street.

This yellow, soft, long fur will literally bright your day. This premium quality fake fur it’s instant mood booster. I mean, I can’t  look as a giant Tweety Bird and be in a bad mood ;-). Yes, my friends are calling me Tweety, chicken baby, Borat, pimp… so funny ha-ha-ha not!

Two things are sure; you can’t pass unnoticed and you will make everyone smile! Some will smile because they would N-E-V-E-R wear something like this, others will absolutely adore it. I’m fine with both opinions ;-).

Yellow goes absolutely perfect with black. What a powerful combo. Important wardrobe pieces like this furry should be balanced with attention. Here is my vision of balance.

Simple leather pants with roll neck body. Simple tight high heel boots. When you wear long fur, you have to create to be taller than usual ;-). Very high heel is a very good choice.

As accessorial I choose just a minimal choker-necklace with steel/silver details and fake geek glasses. I don’t know how do you like this fake glasses trend but I’m such an enthusiast. It’s incredible how transform outfits. Looks kinda urban and cool.

Cross-body bag I’m wearing is simple, black, in chamois with fringes.

Since I’m really freezing these days I’m not even taking off my wool hat. I will wear it probably until April.

Hair is sleek and straight, not just to show you how long and shiny my hair is ;-), mostly cause curly hair with this fur would be a bit cheap for my taste. I’m suffering from “Samson syndrome” when it’s dealing about my hair. OK, I invented the syndrome but I’m sure you remember that famous Bible story about Samson. Samson was incredibly strong and powerful but only when his hair was long. Once when he was sleeping they cut his hair and he become helpless and weak. It’s kinda story of my life;-). I’m a modern Samson  revival;-). Now I’m a bit embarrassed after I shared my secret with you ;-).

Hope you love my way of brightening casual winter outfit. Hope I encouraged you to play with fashion 🖤

Wish you a beautiful weekend my loves!

Outfit details

Furry coat – Mango HERE
Body – Tezenis (old) SIMILAR
Leather pants – Calzedonia HERE
Boots – Zara
Bag – Sisley
Choker – Mango SIMILAR
Glasses – Aldo SIMILAR

Photos by – Roberto Rotulo HERE

With love & gratitude,

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