Yellow on point

Hello fashion souls!

How to wear yellow? Yellow, the colour of sunshine,happiness, warm, pure positivity! I personally love to combine yellow with black. Its powerful fusion. You just won’t pass unnoticed. You will seem fresh, joyful and full of energy.

So I’m wearing a simple high waist jeans, lace bra under the oversize yellow shirt with puff sleeves. High heel open toe boots elevated with bow fishnet socks and shoulder leather bag. To make this outfit more personal I wear also a wool hat.

This hat is pure perfection. Its not easy to found a good hat for a good price. So when you find one don’t miss it. Hat is a powerful accessory. I have so many friends and  acquaintances who really seems to appreciate my looks with a hat but they don’t wear it because they think hats don’t fit them well. Trust me its just because you are not used to wear hats. Once you start, you gradually feel more free and confident to wear it.

I’ll take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to my photographer… My fiancé  Dragan. He is so patient and gentle when we make the photos. I know its not easy to work with me 😅. I’m so grateful for your support.

So guys do you like my look and my photos? Do you feel that positive vibe watching it as I do making it ❤ ?

Outfit details

Shirt, jeans & boots – Zara
Lace bra & socks – Tezenis
Bag – Guess
Hat – Sisley

With love & gratitude,

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